German Shepherd

german shepherd puppies for sale near me

German shepherd puppies for sale near me are one of the most popular dogs in the United States, and it’s easy to see why. Loyal, obedient, friendly, smart and hardworking, these dogs seem to have it all when you’re searching for a new best friend. Easy to Groom 7/10 Intelligence 10/10 Good with Kids 10/10 Friendliness 10/10 Adaptability 6/10 Easy to Train 6/10 Good for Novice Owners 4/10 Activity Level 9/10 See Available Puppies Loyal and Loving Beneath the tough exterior is a loyal, loving dog who wants nothing more than to shower his owner with affection. Strong and Hardworking ,German Shepherds were born to work, and love tackling whatever challenge you toss their way—even if it’s just a chew toy. Fantastically Friendly:Although German Shepherds might look scary, they’re extremely friendly and cuddly with their owners. Super Energetic ,German Shepherds are herding dogs at heart, and these dogs love to run, fetch, exercise and play! Incredibly Intelligent,German Shepherds are highly intelligent and easy to train—there’s a reason the breed is famous as rescue, police and seeing-eye dogs. Fun for the Whole Family,German Shepherds are make great family dogs, and are extremely tender and loving to children, especially.


Temperament: German Shepherds are known for being among the most intelligent dog breeds. They are very even-tempered, affectionate, and protective of their home and family. The German Shepherd is a great family dog and companion, as well as a diligent guard dog. These dogs tend to be rather aloof around strangers, but seldom aggressive. It takes a while for German Shepherds to warm up to someone new, but once they do, they remain very loyal. Most German Shepherds get along with other dogs and pets, especially if raised with them. Since they’re so smart and alert, these dogs need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. They love having a job to do and can be trained to perform a wide variety of tasks, which is why they are often used as search & rescue and police dogs. Without enough exercise, German Shepherds can become bored and frustrated, so it’s important that they receive plenty of time to put their brains to work.

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